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Rethinking the bi-directional linking mobile interface

We completely rethought how back-linking ... Read more →


We have added a integration. You can try it here: https://zapier.com/apps/collected-notes/integrations Connect to more... Read more →

New format toolbar

Sometimes it’s hard to remember the correct Markdown syntax; it’s just faster to tap on a button or use the keyboard shortcut... Read more →

Static Websites

Collected Notes static websites using Vercel Imagine being able to create a custom static website and update it's contents righ... Read more →

Initial support for front matter

Front... Read more →


allow external services to be notified when certain events happen. When the specified events happen, we’ll send a **PO... Read more →

Reorder your notes

I never liked "pin to top" or complicated sorting based on dates. Just press on the list of notes and select "reorder notes".... Read more →


We've made the app even faster & cleaner. Added “preview” button for easy access while editing. Swipe will continue to work in order to see... Read more →

Interesting & cool projects

Interesting & cool projects 🤖 Integrations Static website using Vercel Static website using 11ty 📱 Apps Chrome Extension ... Read more →


For upcoming stuff see our Roadmap → 1.4 🌎 Web Search your notes now available. Fixed an issue that al... Read more →

You can now upload images on web

Just added the ability (like on the mobile apps) to upload directly from the web editor. Image web uploads ... Read more →

Support for Tweets

Twitter You can easily embed Tweets in your notes. Simply use the special Markdown code: [twitter https://twitt... Read more →

Custom domain names

are not going to be available for a while as we automate the process for provisioning them. We'll r... Read more →

Todo list

icon You can now create lists using the checkbox syntax: -[] Something I need to do -[x] Something I accomplis... Read more →

You can publish your notes as tweets automatically

Since Collected Notes gives you an RSS feed for your site, you can use IFTTT.com to automati... Read more →

Support for YouTube

YouTube You can easily embed YouTube videos in your notes. Simply use the special Markdown code: [YouTube dQw4... Read more →

Improving sharing on social media

June 9, 2020 📣 Feature requested by a lot of people: If you have an image in your note we’ll use that ... Read more →

Support for Pencil Kit!

Jun 8, 2020 If you want to quickly publish a note with a rough sketch of an idea, now you can. iPad We make th... Read more →

Product Hunt

Hi Hunters 👋🏼 This thing you are reading now is powered by a Note. Thank you for giving me feedback on __Collected Notes... Read more →


Collected Notes shines when it's used on a mobile device. There's a lot of content that doesn't fit on a tweet, but it's smaller than a ful... Read more →


Collected Notes makes it easy for you to plug into your notes. Use it to create a writing tool, integrate into an external site, or anyt... Read more →

⚡️ Premium

Personalize your Collected Notes experience, remove limits and unlock the power of your notes. It's just $5/month or $50/year. ... Read more →

Export your notes

We believe that you should retain your customers because your product is better than the competition. Not because you impose s... Read more →


Updated June 3, 2020 This privacy policy (“Policy”) describes how Collected Notes. and its related companies (“Company”) collect... Read more →


Documents Privacy Policy Terms Cookies Additional Questions? support@collectednotes.com Read more →

A tour of the Markdown syntax

Markdown is a very powerful markup language, here's a list of all the formats we support: Bold & Italic Read more →

Support for footnotes

You can now easily add footnotes to your notes like this [^1] To reference a footnote simply add markdown like this: Read more →

Support for HTML anchors on titles

Sometimes you want to reference parts of a page, for example, when adding a table of contents. Doing that in ... Read more →


Updated June 3rd 2020 of Service These of Service (“”) describe our commitments to you, and your rights and ... Read more →

Privacy Policy

Updated June 3rd 2020 Your privacy is critically important to us. At Collected Notes, we have a few fundamental principles... Read more →